Louisiana Environmental Leadership Program

The mission of the Louisiana Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is to promote a cleaner and better environment for Louisiana through voluntary pollution prevention, waste reduction and/or other environmental stewardship efforts.


2021 Louisiana Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) Awards Update


To deliver the valuable in person recognition and networking opportunities we all look forward to at every Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) Awards Ceremony, we are working to ensure that the venue will be as safe and healthy as possible for program attendees. Given the uncertainties of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and keeping these considerations in mind, the 2021 ELP Awards Ceremony will be held in 2022. At that time, projects will be reviewed for 2020 and 2021.

We are committed to providing attendees with the safest and most engaging event possible. Holding the ceremony at a later date will allow for a more effective and meaningful event, especially with regards to highlighting the value-added environmental projects and the ability to leveraging learnings through networking. 

New entities are welcomed to join ELP anytime! Membership is free - please join by clicking on the enrollment link below.  LDEQ will continue to highlight new ELP members for “Welcome Wednesdays” on LDEQ’s Facebook page.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Please contact us with any questions at elp@la.gov.

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Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Statement Template

Waste Management Hierarchy




The Louisiana Environmental Leadership was established in 1995 as a voluntary cooperative effort between the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and various Louisiana industries. It was fully operational by 1997 to promote pollution prevention and other efforts, in the pursuit of environmental excellence and leadership. The current program is comprised of Louisiana large, medium and small businesses, federal facilities, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, and schools and universities. Any organization committed to improving the quality of Louisiana’s environment through pollution prevention, waste reduction and other environmental improvements is eligible to join the program as a participating member.



Participants in this program must commit to supporting the ELP core principles outlined below:

  • Participants should minimize adverse impacts on human health and the environment; this should be reflected in their policies and procedures, regulatory and business decisions;
  • Participants should have internal management systems which lead to continuous improvement in their environmental performance;
  • Participants should use the waste management hierarchy, (source reduction and reuse, recycling/composting, energy recovery, treatment and disposal) as guidance for managing environmental issues and set goals to improve the state's air, water, and land;
  • Participants should be proactive in communicating with stakeholders regarding environmental matters and concerns.


Membership Requirements

  • Submit a completed ELP Enrollment Form
  • Submit a brief plan that highlights and describes your pollution prevention and waste reduction goals.
  • Participating members must provide yearly updates so the ELP can track progress towards goals

Membership is renewed every three years upon demonstrated measurable results. This is strictly a voluntary program. Plans and goals may be modified at any time, and not meeting goals will not be used by the LDEQ in any judgmental manner whatsoever.

Membership Benefits

  • Recognition
  • Networking & Resources

By joining the program you are recognized by your community as an organization committed to maintaining and improving the quality of Louisiana's environment. The secretary of the LDEQ will acknowledge your participation by letter and each new member will be awarded a membership certificate at the annual awards ceremony.

Members of the ELP can participate in periodic meetings, conferences, and seminars/workshops sponsored by the Environmental Leadership Program. Members will be able to obtain information and resources on various pollution prevention opportunities and other environmental management and conservation topics as well as hear from other leaders around the state that are implementing projects.

One of the highlights of the ELP is that members can participate and be recognized in the annual Environmental Leadership Awards for outstanding achievement in Pollution Prevention, Community Environmental Outreach, Outstanding Environmental Ordinance & Enforcement and Environmental Management Systems. Awardees in these categories are recognized annually by the LDEQ secretary at a highly publicized ceremony.

2019 ELP Award Winners and Project Descriptions


Steering Committee

  • David Burroughs
    Chemtrade Logistics
  • David Constant, Ph.D., PE
    LSU College of Engineering
  • Paul Davidson
    Black Bear Conservation Coalition
  • Gail Watts
    Marathon Petroleum LLC
  • Robert Berg
    ExxonMobil, Baton Rouge Facilities
  • David Bathel
    Georgia Gulf Corporation
  • Henry Graham
    Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA)
  • John Koury
    Kourco/Louisiana Environmental Health Association
  • Julie H. Roussel
    The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) / Dow Chemical Company
  • Dr. Brent W. Smith
    Louisiana Environmental Professionals Association
  • Joey Hebert
    Georgia Pacific/Louisiana Pulp & Paper Association
  • Cathy Porterhouse
    Cytec Industries
  • Brad Phillips
    Monsanto Company

Ex-Officio Members

  • Lisa Marie Price
    EPA Region 6


Contact Information

Tomeka Prioleau

Phone: 225-219-0877

Email: tomeka.prioleau@la.gov