ELP Membership Enrollment Form

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The Louisiana Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is a voluntary program led by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) in partnership with businesses, federal entities, municipalities, academic and community organizations to promote a cleaner and better environment for Louisiana.  Any organization committed to improving the quality of Louisiana’s environment through pollution prevention, waste reduction and/or other environmental improvements is eligible to join the program as a participating member.

Participants in this program must commit to supporting the ELP Core Principles outlined below:

  • Participants should minimize adverse impacts on human health and the environment; this should be reflected in their policies and procedures and regulatory and business decisions. 
  • Participants should work towards implementing internal management systems which lead to continuous improvement in their environmental performance;
  • Participants should use the waste management hierarchy, (source reduction and reuse, recycling/composting, energy recovery, treatment and disposal) as guidance for managing environmental issues and set goals to help improve the state’s air, water, and land;
  • Participants should be proactive in communicating with stakeholders regarding environmental matters and concerns.

Membership Requirements

  • Submit a completed ELP Enrollment Form.
  • Submit a brief plan that highlights and describes your pollution prevention and waste reduction goals (online form coming soon).
  • Participating members must provide yearly updates so the ELP can track progress towards goals (online form coming soon). 

This is strictly a voluntary program and plans and goals may be modified at any time, and not meeting the goals will not be used by the LDEQ in any judgmental manner whatsoever.

Membership Certification

By submitting this application, I commit to the above guiding principles set forth by the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) and will develop and work towards goals to improve and preserve Louisiana’s environment.

Thank you for your commitment to environmental excellence in Louisiana!