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DEQ sends reminder about open burning regulations

When people burn waste, it causes air pollution and, in some cases, can be illegal. Open burning of certain materials is prohibited in Louisiana. There are also local ordinances pertaining to what can and can't be burned. If you have a trash pile and burn household waste, construction debris or anything other than vegetative matter, you could pay a fine Some materials that should NEVER be burned are: Plastic and other synthetic materials Tires and other rubber products Paints, household and agricultural chemicals Asphalt shingles, heavy oils, wire Newspaper, cardboard and other paper products Buildings and mobile homes

Enviroschool to offer session on emergency response

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Enviroschool is offering two free sessions on DEQ emergency response. These sessions will provide an overview of the role and activities handled by the Emergency Response Division of DEQ including what happens when there's an emergency situation, DEQ's role and response during emergencies, procedures regarding complaint and spill reporting and the Single Point of Contact (SPOC).

DEQ staff to participate in EBR Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

The Greater Baton Rouge Household Hazardous Materials Collection Day and Paint Swap will be held on Saturday, Oct. 6, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Memorial Stadium in Baton Rouge. East Baton Rouge residents can bring household hazardous materials and leftover paint to Memorial Stadium parking lot. Entrance to the drop off site is from Scenic Highway at Foss Street.

DEQ paint swap recycled 97 five-gallon buckets of paint

On Saturday, volunteers from the Department of Environmental Quality recycled 97 five-gallon buckets of paint that would have otherwise ended up in landfills or been disposed of improperly. The DEQ team was participating in the Greater Baton Rouge Household Hazardous Materials Collection Day and Paint Swap. East Baton Rouge residents brought household hazardous materials and leftover paint to Memorial Stadium parking lot. More than 762 residents dropped off recyclables.

Field Guide to Environmental Compliance, innovation lead to industry improvements

State and local agencies have worked closely with the oil and gas industry to produce the Field Guide to Environmental Compliance for the Oil and Gas Industry. With this business sector growing, environmental regulations changing and environmental technology expanding, the field guide is an attempt to help industry officials better understand the complexity of environmental regulations and create a better understanding of what regulations are applicable for certain business practices.

DEQ issues notice of potential penalty to Stolthaven

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality recently issued its second Notice of Potential Penalty to Stolthaven New Orleans, LLC, in Braithwaite for alleged environmental violations stemming from unauthorized discharges that occurred in late August and early September. Stolthaven failed to take the necessary precautionary measures in anticipation of Hurricane Isaac, thereby allowing for unauthorized releases to the waters of the state.

DEQ pre-approval of debris sites expedites cleanup

Three years ago, the Department of Environmental Quality began a program that allows for pre-approval of debris sites to help cleanup disaster debris. The purpose of this program is to assist governments in expediting debris cleanup in order to aid the citizens of the state. These sites are approved for the staging of debris and other functions such as chipping, grinding and preparation for disposal. Once the cleanup is done, any successive debris must be transported to the proper landfill.

DEQ issues penalty to Stolthaven for failure to notify in timely manner

The Department of Environmental Quality issued a penalty today to Stolthaven in Braithwaite for $12,189.61. The penalty was issued because the facility failed to notify DEQ of an emergency situation within one hour of the occurrence. DEQ was notified of a release of 1-octene and Ethyl Acrylate from the facility on Sept. 1. The release occurred on Aug. 30th in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac.