Waste Enforcement

Enforcement Division, Waste Section


Nicole Anthony, Waste Enforcement Manager

P.O. Box 4312
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4312
Email: Nicole.Anthony@LA.GOV
PHONE: (225) 219-3713
FAX: (225) 219-3708


LDEQ Regulations (LAC Title 33)

Hazardous Waste Information:

All generators (i.e., very small quantity generators, small quantity generators and large quantity generators) shall obtain an active EPA identification number by notifying the Office of Environmental Services. The notification form is: Notification of Hazardous Waste Activity Form (HW-1).

Additional Hazardous Waste resouces can be found at: Hazardous Waste.

Solid Waste Information:

Solid waste transporters and industrial solid waste generators are required to submit notification to the Office of Environmental Services. The notification forms are: the Notification Form for Transporters of Solid Waste and the Notification Form for Generators of Industrial Solid Waste.

Solid waste generators who have received a Best Management Practice (BMP) Plan approved in writing from the Department of Agriculture must submit notification to the Office of Environmental Services at LDEQ. The BMP Plan Notification Form is the Solid Waste Notification Form. 

Did you know...? It is against the law in the state of Louisiana—even on private/personal property—to burn solid waste and to dispose of solid waste or waste tires on the ground. 


Useful information regarding how to properly dispose of solid waste and waste tires can be found in the Proper Disposal of Solid Waste and Waste Tires Flyer.

Additional Solid Waste resouces can be found at: Solid Waste.

Waste Tires Information:

Waste tire generators are required to notify the Office of Environmental Services of their existence and obtain a generator identification number. The notification form is the Waste Tire Generator Notification Form.

Waste tire transporters are required to complete the transporter authorization application form. The notification form is the Waste Tire Transporter/Transfer Facility Notification Form.

An option available to citizens/individuals for the proper disposal of large piles of waste tires is the One Time Cleanup. The application is the Waste Tire One Time Cleanup/Trash Bash Form.

Additional Waste Tires resouces can be found at: Waste Tires.

UST Information:

Underground storage tanks (USTs) must be registered with the Department, and the information on the registration form must be updated in the event of any changes. The registration form is the Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) Registration and Technical Requirements Form (UST-REG).

Additional Underground Storage Tanks resouces can be found at: UST.

Radiation Protection Information:

Additional Radiation Protection resources can be found at: Radiation.

Small Business Assistance Program:

LDEQ's Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) provides environmental regulatory assistance and information to small businesses and communities. 

Additional Small Business Assistance resources can be found at: Small Business Assistance