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Annual Hazardous Waste Reporting

All RCRA Large Quantity Generators (>1000 Kg / Mo) and permitted Treater, Storer, or Disposer (TSD) facilities must complete the 2020 Annual Hazardous Waste Report according to LAC 33:V. 

The Annual Hazardous Waste Report must be submitted by the March 1, 2021 reporting deadline.

The EPA Hazardous Waste Report Instructions and Forms Booklet provides information on completing your 2020 Hazardous Waste Report.  Paper reporting forms may be found at the end of the instruction booklet.  We do encourage the use of the EPA RCRAInfo Annual Reporting software to complete and submit your 2020 Annual Hazardous Waste Report. 


LDEQ will be using the EPA RCRAInfo Annual Reporting software for the electronic submittal of Annual Hazardous Waste Reports starting reporting year 2020. The Easitrak software used in prior years is no longer available for use in filing the Annual Hazardous Waste Reports.

All generators required to submit an Annual Report who will report electronically need to register with RCRAInfo. Go to this link, click on “REGISTER” and select “INDUSTRY USER”. This will prompt you to create a User ID and Password, and then there will be 3 security questions to activate your login. If you have credentials for EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) or have already created an account for the RCRAInfo Industry Application, enter those credentials in the URL specified. (Click here for help: New Industry User Help)


The person preparing the report will need preparer permissions.  The responsible official for the facility (plant manager or superintendent) may apply for preparer, certifier or site management permissions.  In order to submit the Annual Hazardous Waste report the site must have someone with certifier permissions.  A user with the site management permission has the ability to approve and grant permissions (i.e. preparer, certifier or viewer) to other users requesting access to the site.  Users with certifier or site manager permissions will need to complete the electronic signature agreement.

After you are logged in, request permissions for your site(s) by “Select Existing Site” button. Search by your locations EPA ID number. Once you have found and selected your site(s) of interest, you will be asked to request permissions for each module. There are four levels that you may request; none, viewer, preparer, and certifier. In order to certify and submit your Annual Report Submission the responsible office of the site must be at the Certifier level.

You will receive an email once the permissions for these sites have been granted (or denied). At that time, you may log back into the system and begin working on the site(s) as needed.

The 2020 Annual Hazardous Waste Report must be received by LDEQ by March 1, 2021. The link to the Biennial Reportable & Non-Reportable Waste reference document is as follows: EPA Reporting Workshops provide an excellent opportunity for representatives from LDEQ to address any questions or concerns that you may have regarding completion of the Annual Hazardous Waste Reports. Topics discussed at the workshop will include the reporting forms and use of the electronic reporting software.


HW Reporting Workshop Presentation

 The Workshop presentation may be of assistance in filling out your report. Please remember that the report encompasses all of your hazardous waste activity for 2020. Do not exclude any 2020 hazardous waste activities by submitting your report early. Your report should not be submitted until after January 1, 2021. The 2020 reporting year is a State reporting year. Paper reports should be submitted to Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) where the information will be collected and compiled. Electronic reports should be submitted using the EPA Annual Reporting Software (see information above). SEE THE WORKSHOP PRESENTATION.

Workshop presentation slides may be viewed here.

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