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Second Amended Declaration Of Emergency And Administrative Order 09/18/2020

LDEQ issues amended Declaration Of Emergency and Administrative Order in the matter of Hurricane Laura.

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LDEQ evaluating water quality in Lake Charles 09/11/2020

LDEQ Secretary Chuck Carr Brown ordered teams from the Office of Environmental Assessment Water Survey Group to the Lake Charles area after reports of odors and poor water quality were received by the agency . Earlier assessments by the agency indicated that large amounts of vegetation were impacted by the storm surge and saltwater intrusion of Hurricane Laura on Aug. 27. The teams began work Friday, Sept. 11, and will concentrate on Lake Charles and Prien lakes.

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Hurricane Laura - Amended Declaration of Emergency and Administrative Order 09/04/2020

The Declaration of Emergency and Administrative Order in the Matter of Natural and Catastrophic Disaster Hurricane Laura has been amended to extend through October 12, 2020.

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EPA Tools for Communities Cleaning Up after Hurricane Laura 09/02/2020

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reminds communities, families, and business owners affected by Hurricane Laura to take steps to make storm cleanup as safe and effective as possible. Cleanup activities related to returning to homes and businesses after a disaster can pose significant health and environmental challenges. Use caution to assure that all waste materials are removed and disposed of properly, following local guidelines.

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LDEQ encourages proper separation of trash, household chemicals and debris after a storm or flood 08/28/2020

With Hurricane Laura impacting much of Louisiana, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) encourages residents across the state to be mindful of the proper separation and disposal of debris.

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Disaster Debris Management Information 08/28/2020

Debris management information - includes currently approved Emergency Debris Sites for local governments

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