Solid Waste Operators/Notifications

Sewage Sludge Transporter Notification Form (Revised 2/13/13)

For Sewage Sludge Technical Questions: 225-219-3193

For Questions regarding the Sewage Sludge form 225-219-3293

Solid Waste Operator Applications    

 Solid Waste Notification Forms

  • Solid Waste Notification Form (Revised 10/2/2019)
  • Solid Waste Notification Form PDF (Revised 10/2/2019)
    (The Solid Waste Notification Form is to be used to submit a notification of Solid Waste Generators, Disposers, Processors, non-processing waste facilities, and Transporters, including any Solid Industrial Waste, Residential & Commercial Waste, Woodwaste, Construction/Demolition-Debris, and special wastes, such as Asbestos-Containing Waste Material, Medical waste, Grease Waste, etc.).  Please contact Kristin East at  (225) 219-3244 of the Notifications and Accreditations Section if you have questions. 

Solid Waste Notifications List (includes Transporters and Generators, etc.) (Rev 6/22/2022) 

  • Solid Waste Notifications List [PDF] (Revised 6/22/2022)
  • Solid Waste Notifications List [Excel] (Revised 6/22/2022)
    A Solid Waste (SW) Notification number is required for all solid waste transporters, processors, generators, disposers, etc. A Solid Waste Transporter # is required to transport any type of solid waste in this state.  This includes but is not limited to any municipal or industrial solid waste, demolition debris, and asbestos-containing waste material.  Contact Kristin East at  (225) 219-3244 of the Notifications and Accreditations Section for a number if you don't have one.