Third Amended Declaration of Emergency and Administrative Order

There has been a Declaration of Emergency and Administrative Order declared on March 11, 2020, due to a statewide public health emergency, COVID-19.  Click here for COVID-19 Guidance Protocol for X-Ray Machine and Radioactive Material License Compliance.

Who Are We?  

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Radiation Section works to protect the residents of Louisiana from unnecessary exposure to radiation by  promoting the safe and effective use of radiation through public education and regulation of licensees, registrants, and certified persons.

Regulatory oversight is accomplished through the following programs:

  • Radioactive Materials Licensure and Inspection Program
  • X-Ray Registration and Inspection Program, including Mammography 
  • Industrial Radiography Certification Program
  • Naturally Occurring Radiation Material (NORM) Program
  • Reciprocity Program
  • Radon Program


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