About Air Permits

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Baton Rouge, LA  70821-4313
Phone: (225) 219-3417
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The Air Permits Division (APD) within the Office of Environmental Services is responsible for preparing the following types of air permits:

The APD also handles a number of other actions, including requests for administrative amendments, authorizations to construct, changes of tank service, Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) certificates, exemptions to test, small source exemptions, and variances.  See the Louisiana Guidance for Air Permitting Actions for a more thorough description of these documents.


Determine whether a site requires an air permit or if it qualifies for an air permitting exemption.
Search by AI, Facility Name, or other options to find the current permit status.
 Data is updated quarterly.  Reports are available from 2017-present.
Submit well completion notifications as required by Subpart OOOO.