Acid Rain (Title IV) Permits

Acid Rain requirements apply to most fossil fuel-fired combustion devices (e.g., boilers) that serve a generator with a nameplate capacity greater than 25 MWe to produce electricity (i.e., power plants).  Applicability provisions are established by 40 CFR 72.6.  Several features of the Acid Rain Program include a national cap on SO2 emissions from affected sources, monitoring provisions for SO2 and NOx, NOx emission limits for coal-fired boilers, and permitting obligations.  See the “Acid Rain Standard Requirements” below for additional detail.

Acid Rain Permit Applications

LDEQ issues Acid Rain Permits for EPA; however, EPA has retained delegation of the remainder of the program.  Acid Rain applications can be found on EPA's "Forms For Clean Air Market Programs" webpage.  Download the "Phase II Permit Application Form."

Acid Rain Permit Standard Requirements

Online Resources

EPA’s Acid Rain Program Website