State (Minor Source) Permits

If a facility is not excused from air permitting as described in “Do I Need an Air Permit?” or otherwise does not qualify for a small source exemption under LAC 33:III.501.B.4, but is not a Part 70 source subject to Title V permitting requirements under 40 CFR 70 and LAC 33:III.507, then the minor source permitting provisions under LAC 33:III.503 apply.

As with major sources, no construction, modification, or operation of a facility which ultimately may result in an initiation or increase in emissions of air contaminants as defined in LAC 33:III.111 shall commence until the appropriate permit fee paid (in accordance with LAC 33:III.Chapter 2) and a permit has been issued by the LDEQ.

Synthetic Minor Sources
A synthetic minor source is a facility which can operate as a major source, but for which the applicant is voluntarily requesting a federally enforceable limit on one or more parameters (e.g., throughput, operating time, etc.) such that the potential to emit of the facility remains below major source thresholds.  Consult with the Air Permits Division if you are unsure whether or not your facility is a synthetic minor source.  Synthetic minor sources are subject to public notice under LAC 33:III.531.A.1.