Mobile Air Monitoring Lab (MAML)

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has added two new Mobile Air Monitoring Labs (MAMLs), for a total of three, to enhance the Department's ability to monitor the air quality in Louisiana. The new MAMLs, acquired in late 2019, join an older version comissioned in 2006. These MAMLs allow LDEQ to deploy monitoring anywhere in the state. Using the MAMLs allows access to near real-time air quality data.
The new MAMLs are equiped with everything the older model has and more. For more information about the specifics and the capabilities of the new MAMLs click here.
Proactive monitoring and protection of Louisiana's air  is a priority for the MAMLs. This ensures compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Other air quality issues that the MAMLs will address are: 
The LDEQ Mobile Air Monitoring Labs (MAMLs)
  • Routine Air Monitoring
  • Emergency Response monitoring and support
  • Investigating past and present complaints and concerns
  • Investigating the cause of air quality exceedances
  • Conducting any other air quality issue ordered by the LDEQ Secretary 
When the MAML is deployed, data can be accessed at
The oldest LDEQ MAML is a self-contained mobile laboratory capable of real-time sampling and analysis.  The vehicle, a 2006 Winnebago RV, was equipped with almost everything that the new MAMLs have.