Hazardous Waste Electronic Reporting

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) encourages the use of the electronic reporting software to complete your report. Electronic reporters may use the Easitrak Software to submit the 2019 Annual Hazardous Waste Report. The American Resourse Managment (ARM) Easitrak Software is web based program. You may also access the Easitrak Software at  

Users will use their EPA ID # as their login ID, and will create a password. Then the report shall be completed on the ARM web page. You are not required to download the software. You may save your data and re-enter the report as needed until your report is completed. You are no longer required to submit a CD or disk with your electronic file. When your electronic report is complete please print and submit the signed RCRA Subtitle C Site Identification Form and the signed ARM Declaration of Electronic Filing Form to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

For assistance with uploading data the previous Annual Hazardous Waste Report into the Easitrak Software, please email Jeff Waites at

Note: The BRState software is no longer available for use in completing your electronic reporting file.