Disaster Debris Management

To activate and operate pre-approval emergency debris sites, please follow the following:

  • Contact LDEQ Headquarters to verbally activate site.
  • Submit the written notification form with five (5) days.
  • Submit Weekly Debris Management Reports (WDMRs) for vegetative debris.
  • When operations are completed, contact your regional office for a deactivation site inspection.
  • Once headquarters receives the deactivation site inspection from the regional office and all WDMRs, a deactivation letter will be sent and the site will be required to reactivate should another emergency occur.

Any local government or state agency intending to reopen a vegetative hurricane debris site after a closure assessment has been conducted, for either FEMA approved contracts for Private Property Debris Removal (PPDR), the NRCS approved project for the removal of hurricane debris from state waters, or for any other reason, must notify the Department.  Please contact Karla Vidrine at 225-219-3047 or email, or Mike Hahn at 225-219-3464 or email  

Debris-related Fact Sheets and Policies from FEMA to get potential applicants off on the right track with their contracts, monitoring, etc:  

Written requests should be mailed to:
Office of Environmental Services
Post Office Box 4313
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70821-4313

ILLEGAL DUMPING - Report it Now! Call 225-219-3640