Disaster Debris Management



Upon the declaration of an emergency by LDEQ, local governments and state agencies may "activate" a pre-approved emergency debris site by doing the following:

  • The governmental body shall notify LDEQ Headquarters at (225) 364-7901 that the site is being activated.  This verbal notification shall occur as soon as practicable depending on communication capability.  If LDEQ Headquarters does not have communication capability, please call your local LDEQ Regional Office.
  • Submit the written notification form with five (5) days.
  • Submit Weekly Debris Management Reports (WDMRs) for vegetative debris.
  • When operations are completed, contact your regional office for a deactivation site inspection. You will need to submit a deactivation form
  • Once headquarters receives the deactivation site inspection from the regional office and all WDMRs, a deactivation letter will be sent and the site will be required to reactivate should another emergency occur.





For variances, waivers, letters of response, or for other questions, please contact the following individuals in the Office of Environmental Services:

  • SHPO Contact Information:
    Louisiana Office of Cultural Development
    State Historic Preservation Office
    Rachel Watsonz
    Telephone: (225) 342-8170
    Fax: (225) 342-4480


Written requests should be mailed to:
Office of Environmental Services
Post Office Box 4313
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70821-4313



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