Rice Dryers / Feed Mills

Related Industries:

  • Any facility that handles, mills, or package rice; usually SIC codes 0723 & 2044

Regulations in a nutshell:

  • NA

Current regulations that could apply to rice dryers:

  • Air permitting
  • Air Pollution Control Equipment Use & Maintenance
  • Fugitive Dust Rule
  • New Course Performance Standard for Grain Elevators and Mills
  • Storm Water Permitting and Pollution Prevention Plan, Section U (mills)
  • Wastewater Permitting
  • Emergency Procedures

Other State and Federal Regulations and Requirements

  • Tier II
  • LDAF Licenses

Reporting and Record Keeping:

Dictated by specific permits & applicable regulations

Sources of Emission:

  • Grain Receiving (Truck/Rail; Barge/Ship)
  • Grain conveyor
  • Grain Drying
  • Grain Cleaning
  • Grain Milling
  • Grain Shipping (Truck/Rail; Barge/Ship)
  • Chemical & Fuel Storage

Housekeeping & Pollution Prevention Suggestions:

  • Keep facility & roads as clean as possible
  • Proper use and maintain all pollution control equipment
  • Use bottom unloading trucks
  • Install louvers on top of rice unloading pit
  • Do not burn chaff piles or allow them to catch on fire
  • Contain all storm water run-off from the chaff pile areas

Pollution Prevention:

See Housekeeping section above.