Regional Haze Program

In 1999, EPA promulgated the “Regional Haze Regulations: Final Rule” (also referred to as the Regional Haze Rule) to address the combined visibility effects of various pollution sources over a wide geographic region with the goal of achieving natural visibility conditions at designated Class I areas by 2064. These goals and long-term strategies to achieve these goals are to be included in state implementation plans (SIPs) covering each ten-year period leading up to 2064. Amendments to the Regional Haze Rule were finalized in 2005 and 2017.

Planning Period II

Proposed Regional Haze SIP 4/20/2021

The comment period has been extended for 30 days from the original date to July 12, 2021. All interested persons may submit written comments concerning the revision no later than 4:30 p.m., Monday, July 12, 2021, to Vivian H. Johnson, Office of Environmental Assessment, P. O. Box 4314, Baton Rouge, LA. 70821-4314 or by email at The revision is available for review via LDEQ’s electronic document management service (EDMS), AI# 174156, Doc Id# 12656414 or at LDEQ Headquarters, 602 N. 5th Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70802.

Summary of Criteria for Source Selection Revised 4/16/2020 (Version 1 available here)

Source Selection Spreadsheet Revised 4/16/2020 (Version 1 available here)

 EPA Comments on Source Selection 4/10/2020

CenSARA-Ramboll Area of Influence Report

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Information Collection Requests (ICR)

Round 1 Request Letters dated 3/18/2020 

Round 2 Request Letters (12141966 , 12141964) dated 4/15/2020 

ICR Responses

Facility   EDMS Document ID  
Cabot Corporation - Canal Plant (AI# 19901) 12235416; 12464832
Cleco Power LLC - Dolet Hills 12235418
Tokai Carbon - Addis Plant 12235414
Birla Carbon - North Bend Plant 12251613
Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC - Uncle Sam Plant 12267709
Orion Engineered Carbons,LLC - Ivanhoe Carbon Black Plant 12278434
Louisiana Generating LLC - Big Cajun II Power Plant 12280837
Entergy Louisiana, LLC - Ninemile Point Electric Generating Plant 12280841; 12473930
Entergy Louisiana, LLC - Roy S Nelson Electric Generating Plant 12280842
Rain CII Carbon, LLC - Norco Coke Calcining Plant 12294615
Rain CII Carbon, LLC - Chalmette Calcining Plant 12294620
Rain CII Carbon, LLC - Gramercy Calcining Plant 12294622
Valero Refining - Meraux LLC-Meraux Refinery 12301140
Union Carbide Corporation - St. Charles Operations 12324699
Chalmette Refining LLC 12324705
Cabot Corporation - Ville Platte Plant 1232470312464835
Entergy Louisiana, LLC - Nelson Industrial Steam Company (NISCO) 12324697
Oxbow Calcining, LLC - Baton Rouge Calcined Coke Plant 12324695
Cornerstone Chemical Company - Fortier Manufacturing Complex 12329626
Phillips 66-Alliance Refinery 12329624


EPA Guidance Documents

Regional Haze SIP Development Contact
Ms. Vennetta Hayes