Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP)

Related Industries:

  • Manufacturers of: fiberglass boats, swimming pools and hot tubs, corrosion of proof composite pipe and fixtures, cultured marble bathroom tubs and showers.

Regulations in a Nutshell:

  • Louisiana State Regulation LAC 33:III.13 limits particulate matter from being emitted.
  • Louisiana State Regulation LAC 33:III.2113 addresses practical housekeeping and maintenance practices to reduce emissions from organic compounds.
  • Louisiana State Regulation LAC 33:III.2123 limits the emissions of organic solvents.
  • Required to fill a HW-1 form as a generator of hazardous waste.  hw-1.pdf
  • May require registration with the LSP (Louisiana State Police) Tier II Right-to-Know.

Reporting and Recordkeeping:

  • No reporting and record keeping requirements for minor sources.
  • In some cases, exemptions from permitting may apply (i.e.-Act 918).
  • Facilities with emissions or permitted emissions of one ton per year of styrene (MER-Minimum Emission Rate) or more, shall control per MACT requirements (See LAC 33:III.5109.)
  • See "Specific Conditions" of air permit.

Housekeeping suggestions:

  • Avoid spills and keep containers with solvents such as acetone closed as much as possible.
  • Daily cleanup of resin spillage and dust will reduce fugitive emissions and provide a safer work environment for workers.

Pollution Prevention Suggestions:

  • If resins are sprayed use high transfer efficiency spray equipment.
  • Use water base cleaners whenever possible.
  • Utilize lower VOC resins/catalysts.
  • Minimize use of resin barrel heaters.
  • Use solvents recycle equipment whenever feasible.