ERIC Variance

Variance for Late ERIC Submittal

The form used to apply for permit variances is the same form used for late ERIC submittals. The form and instructions listed below can also be found on the LDEQ Permit Application page

The application for a variance AND payment of the application fee must be submitted on or before April 30th if you want to be considered for approval.

  1. Follow the Miscellaneous Air Permitting Actions Instructions to complete the Miscellaneous Permitting Actions Application form.
  2. Submit the completed application with payment to LDEQ using the address indicated on the application form.

The application form with proof of electronic payment may be e-mailed to ERIC staff to expedite processing at

If you would prefer to pay online by credit card or E-check please follow this How to Make Payments Online guidance. You can also go to the General Payment Information page for additional guidance 




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