Clean Water - Additional Funding Options

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality administers the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and Overflow and Stormwater Grant (OSG) Programs as well as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding.

The CWSRF program provides financial assistance in the form of low interest loans to finance eligible projects, bringing them into compliance with the requirements of the Clean Water Act. Funding for this program is provided by federal grants and match funds generated by the program's interest and loan repayments. Interest and loan repayments provide a permanent source for funding in future Louisiana projects.

The OSG program provides financial assistance in the form of grants to eligible entities for the purpose of addressing infrastruture needs for combined sewer overflow (CSO), sanitary sewer overflows (SSO), and stormwater management projects.

The BIL funding is the single largest federal investment to strengthen the nation's drinking water and wastewater systems.  This BIL funding will span five years (during FY 2022 through FY 2026).  The eligibility for BIL funding is the same as the CWSRF program except that BIL mandates that 49% of the funds be provided as subsidy for recipients that meet the state's affordability criteria.  Additional funding is provided specifically to address emerging contaminants.

Note that the BIL funding allows states the flexibility to use 2% of the funds for the purpose of providing technical assistance.


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