Clean Water State Revolving Fund Application

How To Apply

To apply, please submit an RF-100 Pre-application and the La Water/Wastewater Joint Funding Committee (LWWFJC) Intent to File Application (only the first two files in the list below), with the resolution and other required information. Submission of a pre-application provides information to our staff about a proposed project and does not obligate the applicant to submit any additional materials unless he/she has decided to proceed with a project utilizing CWSRF funding.

If you would prefer, you may contact the CWSRF staff and request an information meeting. Our staff can explain the engineering, environmental, and financial program requirements, typical project schedules, and current loan terms and conditions. We will provide pre-application materials and assistance in completing them, and offer assistance with any situations that might need special attention.

You may obtain the RF-100 Pre-application and instructions below. Mail the completed form and other required information to us. Our staff is available to answer questions or assist with any problems that may be encountered.

Due to the time required and expense involved in preparing the documents that are needed for the actual Loan Application, we strongly suggest that applicants should not proceed beyond submission of a Pre-application and Letter of Intent without a meeting with our staff.

Clean Water - Additional Funding Options


BIL / IIJA Draft Subsidy Award Process


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