Chemical Formulators and Manufacturers

Related Industries: Companies that supply industry with various blends of chemicals used for common or specialty jobs. These companies receive containers of chemical ingredients and mix/blend these by prescribed formulations to achieve the desired customer results.

 Regulations in a Nutshell:

  • Containers of materials after being received on site are usually stored outdoors.  Consideration should be given to storm water requirements.
  • During the chemical blending process, vapors that escape may fall under the various air regulations.  Organic solvents emissions of more than three (3) pounds per hour or fifteen (15) pounds per day shall be reduced, where feasible, by incorporating control methods.
  • Chemicals that have to be disposed for any reason my require hazardous waste or solid waste consideration.
  • Large tankage volumes may require an SPCC plan for that facility.

Reporting and Recordkeeping:

  • Depending on permit requirements, reports and records of water discharge monitoring, hazardous waste, and storm water may be required.

Housekeeping Suggestions:

  • Drums and containers should be closed at all times
  • Fork lift equipment & other vehicles should be free of oil leaks.  Any leaks should be cleaned promptly.
  • Container valving should be plugged to prevent accidental valve opening.
  • Use of proper protective equipment during handling of chemicals.