Auto Body Shops

Related industries: Any commercial spray painting or paint dipping operation. Especially facilities with SIC Code 7532.

Regulations in a nutshell:

No regulations have been promulgated specifically for auto body shops.

Current regulations that could apply to auto body shops:

  • Any single Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission in excess of 10 tons per year or any combination of VOCs emissions in excess of 25 tons per year must be permitted.  Must comply with VOC limits in LAC 33:III.2123.   May also need HW-1, for hazardous waste disposal and Tier II, for Community Right to Know.
  • Water discharges may need a LPDES permit.  Used oil and batteries need to be disposed of properly. 
  • Freon from air conditioning systems must be recycled or disposed of according to EPA rules. 

Final Rule:

  • None promulgated

Reporting and Recordkeeping:

  • None required
  • See permit if one is issued.

Important Dates:

  • None

Housekeeping and Pollution Prevention Suggestions:

  • Keep all containers containing VOCs covered with an airtight lid.
  • Change exhaust filters at regular intervals.
  • Use low-pressure high volume or airless equipment
  • Use water based or low VOC paints when possible.
  • Recycle contaminated solvents.