Auto Body Shops

Related industries: Any commercial spray painting or paint dipping operation. Especially facilities with SIC Code 7532.

Regulations in a nutshell:

No regulations have been promulgated specifically for auto body shops.

Current regulations that could apply to auto body shops:

  • Emissions of any single criteria pollutant (e,g, VOC) of 5 tons per year or more or emissions of any combination of 15 tons per year or more must be permitted unless exempt per LAC 33:III.2123.D.6. Must comply with VOC limits in LAC 33:III.2123.   May also need HW-1, for hazardous waste disposal and Tier II, for Community Right to Know.
  • Water discharges may need a LPDES permit.  Used oil and batteries need to be disposed of properly. 
  • Freon from air conditioning systems must be recycled or disposed of according to EPA rules. 

Final Rule:

  • None promulgated

Reporting and Recordkeeping:

  • None required
  • See permit if one is issued.

Important Dates:

  • None

Housekeeping and Pollution Prevention Suggestions:

  • Keep all containers containing VOCs covered with an airtight lid.
  • Change exhaust filters at regular intervals.
  • Use low-pressure high volume or airless equipment
  • Use water based or low VOC paints when possible.
  • Recycle contaminated solvents.