Underground Storage Tank Program

The Underground Storage Tank program will continue to function solely for UST and UST related tasks. The goal of the UST program is to protect human health and the environment by preventing releases of petroleum and hazardous substances from UST systems. The release of these regulated products into the environment threatens soil and groundwater resources and can cause explosive vapors to seep into confined spaces and occupied residences.

To help prevent contamination caused by leaking tanks, tank owners and operators must comply with state rules for UST’s. The objectives of the UST program are to ensure that UST systems are properly constructed and designed, installations, repairs, and removals are conducted and inspected by qualified individuals, active USTs are properly operated and monitored for releases, and USTs are properly closed and/or removed and the sites properly assessed for contamination.


Revision to the Federal UST Regulations

 Click here for outline of Proposed Revisions to LAC 33:XI Underground Storage Tanks

 The proposed rule (UT018) will be noticed in the June 20, 2018, issue of the Louisiana Register.

Web link to the proposed UST regulation changes (UT018) can be found on the DEQ website at:



The revised federal UST regulations were signed by the EPA Administrator on June 19, 2015. The revised federal UST regulations were posted in the Federal Register on July 15, 2015. The effective date of the new federal regulations is October 13, 2015 and they will immediately apply to Indian country and non-approved States. Since Louisiana has an approved UST program, the new regulations will not become effective in Louisiana until after Louisiana revises its UST regulations and adopts all of the federal revisions. Approved States have until October 13, 2018 to adopt the revised federal UST regulations and request state program approval.

EPA provided a web link to the final Federal Register posting of the new federal UST regulations with explanations for each change, responses to comments, regulatory impact analysis, redline strikeout version of the federal UST regulations showing all changes made to the existing regulations, questions and answers, and various other resources. The EPA web link is:

The compliance requirements and details for each of the changes will be provided to UST owners, operators, contractors, and equipment testers by LDEQ via outreach training prior to the finalization of the Louisiana UST regulations. LDEQ will be providing outreach on the proposed Louisiana UST regulations in the Operator Training seminars, Enviroschool seminars, on the LDEQ website, and in the UST Newsletter. As stated above, LDEQ will have three years to adopt these requirements into our own regulations. Keep an eye on this webpage for updates and scheduled outreach training.

Please feel free to contact Samuel Broussard, LDEQ USTR Division, at 337-262-5744 or with any questions.

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General Information


UST Regulations


UST Registration Information

UST Installation/Closure Information


Interstitial Monitoring and Records

UST owners/operators must keep 3 years of monthly release detection records. These are forms that tank owners/operators can use to record their interstitial monitoring results if their equipment does not print records. Use of these particular forms is NOT mandatory.



Registration and Permit


Risk Evaluation / Corrective Action Program (RECAP)

Remediation Related Information


Motor Fuels Trust Fund (MFTF) Information


Information on Water Discharge General Permits

Federal Register Notice Regarding EPA OUST Guidance on Capatibility of UST Systems with Biofuel Blends