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DEQ encourages residents to dispose of storm debris

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality encourages residents in affected by Hurricane Isaac areas to collect trash and debris and place them curbside for proper disposal. Household chemicals can become hazardous in storm-damaged homes. Examples of materials that may need special disposal or recycling include electronics, batteries, computer hardware, paint, cleaning products, solvents, and lawn and garden products. Materials should be sorted curbside to help expedite cleanup efforts

DEQ cancels Biosolids Workshop and will reschedule in late September

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is cancelling the Biosolids Workshop scheduled for September 5, 2012 in Baton Rouge. The Biosolids Workshop was scheduled from 8 a.m. to noon at the DEQ headquarters, 602 N. 5th Street, Baton Rouge in the Oliver Pollock Room of the DEQ Conference Center. The workshop will be rescheduled in late September.

DEQ continually monitoring bubbling sites in Assumption Parish

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is testing and monitoring the three new bubble sites on Bayou Corne, Grand Bayou and the Triche Canal.

Office of Conservation, DEQ Announces Results of EPA Aerial Survey of Bayou Corne Area

EPA analysis finds no evidence of detectable concentrations of natural gas or elevated radiation levels near sinkhole Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation James Welsh and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Secretary Peggy Hatch today announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has returned a report on last week's aerial survey of the Bayou Corne area, with findings indicating no detectable concentrations of natural gas or other chemicals in the atmosphere and no elevated radiation levels related to cavern operations.

DEQ cancels and will reschdule Emergency Response Workshop in Lake Charles 09/04/12
Declaration Of Emergency and Administrative Order - Hurricane Isaac 08/27/12
DEQ to present Emergency Response Workshops

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Enviroschool Program will present free workshops on Emergency Response in August and September. These workshops will provide an overview of the activities and role of the DEQ's Emergency Response Division. They will include what happens when there is an emergency situation, DEQ's role and response during emergencies, procedures concerning reporting complaints and spills and information about DEQ's Single Point of Contact line.

Crosstex Butane Cavern Shows Little-to-no Threat to Slurry Hole Area

The departments of Environmental Quality and Natural Resources have reviewed Crosstex Entergy Services' updated risk management plan for its storage cavern in Assumption Parish. Both agencies agree with Crosstex's calculations that the cavern poses little-to-no threat to the population near where a slurry hole appeared in early August.