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State, federal agreement with Louisiana Generating lodged in federal court 11/21/12
DEQ sends reminder about open burning regulations

When people burn waste, it causes air pollution and, in some cases, can be illegal. Open burning of certain materials is prohibited in Louisiana. There are also local ordinances pertaining to what can and can't be burned. If you have a trash pile and burn household waste, construction debris or anything other than vegetative matter, you could pay a fine Some materials that should NEVER be burned are: Plastic and other synthetic materials Tires and other rubber products Paints, household and agricultural chemicals Asphalt shingles, heavy oils, wire Newspaper, cardboard and other paper products Buildings and mobile homes

Enviroschool to offer session on emergency response

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Enviroschool is offering two free sessions on DEQ emergency response. These sessions will provide an overview of the role and activities handled by the Emergency Response Division of DEQ including what happens when there's an emergency situation, DEQ's role and response during emergencies, procedures regarding complaint and spill reporting and the Single Point of Contact (SPOC).

Field Guide to Environmental Compliance, innovation lead to industry improvements

State and local agencies have worked closely with the oil and gas industry to produce the Field Guide to Environmental Compliance for the Oil and Gas Industry. With this business sector growing, environmental regulations changing and environmental technology expanding, the field guide is an attempt to help industry officials better understand the complexity of environmental regulations and create a better understanding of what regulations are applicable for certain business practices.

DEQ, Assumption Parish Sheriff's Department continue to conduct indoor air monitoring within Bayou Corne community

On Sept. 18, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Assumption Parish Sheriff's Department began conducting indoor air monitoring within the Bayou Corne community as a result of the ongoing sinkhole investigation in Assumption Parish and because of concerns from local citizens. To date, eight homes have been monitored with no concerns noted. Additional homes will be monitored as the rights of passage are received and citizens are contacted to set up a date and approximate time for the assessment.

EPA Grants Multistate Fuel Waiver

Waiver granted in effort to minimize disruption of fuel distribution.

DEQ continually monitoring bubbling sites in Assumption Parish

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is testing and monitoring the three new bubble sites on Bayou Corne, Grand Bayou and the Triche Canal.

Office of Conservation, DEQ Announces Results of EPA Aerial Survey of Bayou Corne Area

EPA analysis finds no evidence of detectable concentrations of natural gas or elevated radiation levels near sinkhole Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation James Welsh and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Secretary Peggy Hatch today announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has returned a report on last week's aerial survey of the Bayou Corne area, with findings indicating no detectable concentrations of natural gas or other chemicals in the atmosphere and no elevated radiation levels related to cavern operations.