LPDES Application Forms

The following are Louisiana Pollution Elimination System (LPDES) permit applications for use when applying for a surface water discharge permit in the state of Louisiana. The types of applications are described below. They may be used for new discharge permits, as well as renewals. Submittal of an application may also be required for additions, revisions or modifications to existing effective permits. If you have any questions please contact the Water and Waste Permits Division at (225) 219-9371 or send mail to _DEQ-WWWWaterPermits@la.gov.  

Please be aware that the Department has consolidated facility name changes, operator changes, and/or ownership changes under one set of requirements for all media.  Please utilize name and ownership change form, NOC-1, for these changes to your permits.

Form ID Description Downloadable Forms Last Updated
ARB-G Automotive Dealerships, Paint & Body Shops, Automotive Repair Facilities, Motorcycle Dealerships and Recreational Vehicle Dealerships (LAG470000) PDF MS Word 05/28/14
BCR-G Vessel Cleaning and/or Repair Facilities and Shipyards (LAG030000) PDF MS Word 07/09/13
CCAF-G Cement, Concrete, and Asphalt Facilities (LAG110000) PDF MS Word 08/23/13
CD-G Construction/Demolition Debris and Woodwaste (LAG780000) PDF MS Word 11/15/12
CW-G Discharges of Exterior Vehicle and Equipment Wash Water (LAG750000) PDF MS Word 07/08/13
CWOGF-G Oil and Gas Exploration, Development and Production facilities located within Coastal Waters (LAG330000) PDF MS Word 02/01/16
DPST-G Dewatering of Petroleum Storage Tanks, Tank Beds, New Tanks and Excavations (LAG300000) PDF MS Word 04/18/15
H2O-G Potable Water Treatment Facilities (LAG380000) PDF MS Word 04/18/15
HST-G Discharge of Hydrostatic Test Wastewaters (LAG670000) PDF MS Word 01/23/13
LCF-G Light Commercial Facilities (LAG480000) PDF MS Word 02/20/15
PST-G Discharges  Resulting from Remediation Associated with Cleanup of Petroleum UST Systems (LAG830000) PDF MS Word 12/17/12
SCC3-G Sand and Gravel Extraction Facilities (include "pit run" operations, dirt pits, etc.) (LAG490000) PDF MS Word 05/17/15
STED-G Short-Term and Emergency Discharges (LAG420000) PDF MS Word 04/04/17
TSOGF-G Oil and Gas Exploration, Development and Production facilities located within territorial seas of Louisiana (LAG260000) PDF MS Word 12/30/15
WPS-G Sanitary wastewater discharges less than 100,000 gallons per day (LAG53, LAG54, LAG56, and LAG57) PDF MS Word 02/23/12
Stormwater Permit Notices of Intent      
MS4-G Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (LAR040000) PDF MS Word 02/07/13
MSGP-G Stormwater discharges associated wtih Industrial activity (LAR050000) PDF MS Word 05/09/16
CSW-G Stormwater discharges associated with construction activity 5 acres or greater (LAR100000) PDF MS Word 05/17/15
NOE-G Notification of Extension of coverage under the LAR100000 PDF MS Word 05/17/15
NOEXP No Exposure Certification for Exclusion from LPDES Stormwater Permitting (LAR050000) PDF MS Word 03/16/09
DOTD-G Discharges of storn water associated with DOTD construction activities (LAR060000-DOTD Use only) PDF MS Word 5/18/15
Individual Permit Application Forms      
WPS-S Sanitary wastewater discharges: 100,000 gallons/day or greater; 25,000 gallons/day or greater discharging in the Vermillion-Teche River Basin; 25,000 gallons/day or greater discharging into the Red River, Atchafalaya River or Mississippi River; or any sanitary discharge with significant industrial input.   MS Word 03/23/11
WPS-WAP Sanitary Wastewater Permit Discharging into a Natural Wetland for Wetland Assimilation   MS Word 09/12/11
IND All Industrial Facilities (replaces the SCC-2)   MS Word 10/7/16
BCR Facilities Cleaning and/or Repairing Barges   MS Word 10/7/16
WPC Facilities processing shrimp, shellfish, crawfish, oyster, catfish, and alligator   MS Word 10/6/16
BST Bulk petroleum and transfer facilities   MS Word 10/7/16
NGF Discharges associated with natural gas compressor stations   MS Word 10/7/16
OSC Discharges associated with oil field service facilities   MS Word 10/6/16
MIW Minor Industrial Facilities   MS Word 10/6/16
O&G-IND Oil & Gas Exploration, Development & Production Facilities within Territorial Seas    MS Word 10/7/16
Other Forms
PTCM Application for a Pretreatment Control Mechanism (Industrial Discharger to a Publicly Owned Treatment Works)   MS Word  1/22/16
RPD Request for Preliminary Determination (Guidance request regarding permit type and potential limits)   MS Word  4/7/11
NOC-1 Notification of Change Form    MS Word  6/14/14
DAR Duly Authorized Representative Form - Specific to Water Permits   MS Word  3/23/16
MWPP Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Plan  PDF     9/7/11