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Cooperative Agreement for remedial action for Bayou d'Inde in the Calcasieu Estuary signed

Today, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality signed the Cooperative Agreement for Remedial Action for Bayou d'Inde in the Calcasieu Estuary. The agreement was also signed by the other participating parties: Citgo, PPG, Axiall, Occidental Chemical Corporation and Oxy USA, Inc.

DEQ employees to receive performance adjustment

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality announced today that employees will be receiving a four percent performance adjustment, beginning Oct. 1.

DEQ, law enforcement partners, team up to crack down on illegal inspection stickers

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office and the Louisiana State Police, in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, are cracking down on the use of altered and counterfeit inspection stickers on vehicles. In the last 10 weeks, more than 200 fraudulent stickers have been located and confiscated. Investigations have shown that these inspection stickers have been issued to drivers who lack the proper paperwork or whose vehicles would not pass inspection.

DEQ to host free EPA Brownfields Grant Proposal Writing Strategy workshop

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is hosting a free EPA Brownfields Grant Proposal Writing Strategy Workshop on Thursday, Sept. 26. The workshop will be held in the Pensacola Room of DEQ headquarters at 602 N. Fifth Street, Baton Rouge.

Enviroschool to present free seminars on Air Permits 101

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is hosting a free seminar entitled "Air Permits 101: Understanding the Basics" in four different locations around the state. The session will give you a basic understanding of air permitting including the types, associated regulations and the permitting process.

Louisiana State Police honors DEQ Emergency Responders

On August 30, the Louisiana State Police's Transportation and Environmental Safety unit presented certificates of recognition to DEQ Emergency Responders Bryan Riche' and Lee Lemond for their work to secure the damaged Stolthaven New Orleans, LLC, facility in Braithwaite during the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac in August 2012. Hurricane Isaac was a slow-moving storm that produced a large storm surge and caused severe damage to the environment as well as several residential properties and commercial facilities along Louisiana's coastal parishes.

DEQ issues penalty and approves proposed settlement agreement with ExxonMobil - Public comment period ends on October 21, 2013

Today, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality issued a penalty to ExxonMobil Corporation in the amount of $61,912.39 for violations associated with a June 14, 2012, steam-cracked naptha release at the Baton Rouge Complex. DEQ has also approved a proposed settlement agreement totaling $2,329,000 with ExxonMobil to resolve other violations which occurred between 2008-2013 at the Baton Rouge Refinery and three other facilities owned and/operated by ExxonMobil Corporation in the Baton Rouge area. The proposed settlement agreement must be public noticed and reviewed by the Attorney General's Office before it can be finalized.

State water organization recognizes clean water leader, Jan Boydstun

Jan Boydstun, recently retired DEQ Senior Environmental Scientist, was honored with an award from the Association of Clean Water Administrators at the organization's 52nd Annual Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico.