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EPA announces Baton Rouge is meeting ozone standard

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that the Baton Rouge area is currently attaining the 2008 8-hour ozone standard. The determination is based on a recent review of air quality data from 2011-2013. The State has decreased ground-level ozone in Baton Rouge which improved air quality and human health for more than 800,000 residents.

Cooperative Agreement for remedial action for Bayou d'Inde in the Calcasieu Estuary signed

Today, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality signed the Cooperative Agreement for Remedial Action for Bayou d'Inde in the Calcasieu Estuary. The agreement was also signed by the other participating parties: Citgo, PPG, Axiall, Occidental Chemical Corporation and Oxy USA, Inc.

Lake Verret and other area water bodies experiencing increased algal blooms

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality reports that algal blooms and current high temperatures may cause fish kills, odors and an increase in water discoloration in Louisiana waterways. Lake Verret is one of the water bodies reported to DEQ for discolored water. Concerns have also been expressed about the lake's salinity.

Fish kills likely during algal blooms and high temperature conditions

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has asked the public to be aware of a possible increase in fish kills and odors throughout area water bodies as a result of algal blooms in waterways as well as the current high temperatures affecting the state.

DEQ, Assumption Parish Sheriff's Department continue to conduct indoor air monitoring within Bayou Corne community

On Sept. 18, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Assumption Parish Sheriff's Department began conducting indoor air monitoring within the Bayou Corne community as a result of the ongoing sinkhole investigation in Assumption Parish and because of concerns from local citizens. To date, eight homes have been monitored with no concerns noted. Additional homes will be monitored as the rights of passage are received and citizens are contacted to set up a date and approximate time for the assessment.

DEQ continually monitoring bubbling sites in Assumption Parish

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is testing and monitoring the three new bubble sites on Bayou Corne, Grand Bayou and the Triche Canal.

Office of Conservation, DEQ Announces Results of EPA Aerial Survey of Bayou Corne Area

EPA analysis finds no evidence of detectable concentrations of natural gas or elevated radiation levels near sinkhole Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation James Welsh and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Secretary Peggy Hatch today announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has returned a report on last week's aerial survey of the Bayou Corne area, with findings indicating no detectable concentrations of natural gas or other chemicals in the atmosphere and no elevated radiation levels related to cavern operations.

First set of NORM samples in Assumption Parish show no detectable levels

Readings from monitoring equipment indicated there were no detectable levels for naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) on the surface of a slurry hole in Assumption Parish. Scientists from the Department of Environmental Quality began executing a sampling plan today.