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Hands-on training for NetDMR online reporting offered by DEQ

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is offering training for permittees on the use of the NetDMR online application for the submission of discharge monitoring reports. A discharge monitoring report, known as a DMR, is a self-reporting document that is generated by permittees that have a Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit. The DMR contains information pertaining to water discharges into waters of the state.

DEQ partners with industry to form information workgroup

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has partnered with the Information Exchange Workgroup. The Information Exchange Workgroup is a collaboration of Louisiana's petroleum refining and chemical manufacturing industries, which was formed to provide information on environmental protection, identify the most common causes of upsets and malfunctions and provide expertise from industry leaders on efficiency measures. The workgroup also facilitates the identification and sharing of best management practices and other strategies to minimize emissions.

Cleanup of Marine Shale Processors site in St. Mary parish to commence in February

Cleanup activities are set to commence again soon at the Marine Shale Processors site in St. Mary Parish. The cleanup will involve dismantling portions of the facility and disposing of all the waste contained in the tanks and equipment at offsite locations permitted to accept the waste.

Oil company owner pleads guilty to illegal discharges in state waters

Today, Lobdell Percy Brown III, the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Mandeville-based T&F Oil Company, entered a plea of guilty as a result of the illegal discharge of pollutants into state waters.

St. Landry Parish man pleads guilty to environmental crimes, gets jail time

Monday, Joseph L. Jones, 58, of St. Landry Parish, pled guilty to 11 felony charges involving criminal violations of Plaisance Development Corporation's water discharge permits in St. Landry Parish. Jones was the president of Plaisance Development Corporation which operated six wastewater treatment plants in St. Landry Parish as well as six wastewater treatment plants in Evangeline Parish. Jones was charged with knowingly violating the Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit by exceeding discharge limitations and not providing monitoring results for the facilities operated in St. Landry Parish.

Enviroschool to offer session on emergency response in Monroe

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Enviroschool is offering a free session on DEQ emergency response. This session is in Monroe and will provide an overview of the role and activities handled by the Emergency Response Division of DEQ. Some of the topics will include what happens when there's an emergency situation, DEQ's role and response during emergencies and procedures regarding. The session is geared toward the general public and people working in the emergency response professions such as first responders from the fire department, police department or local offices of emergency preparedness.

State, federal agreement with Louisiana Generating lodged in federal court 11/21/12
DEQ encourages nominations for 2013 Gulf Guardian Awards

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is encouraging the public to submit nominations for the Gulf Guardian Awards Program. As a member of the Gulf of Mexico Program and Gulf of Mexico Alliance, Louisiana residents can nominate citizens, companies and organizations that are taking positive steps to keep the Gulf of Mexico and associated coastal water habitats healthy, beautiful and productive. The deadline for submitting nominations is March 8, 2013.