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Irish Channel Sampling Site
Irish Channel Sampling Site (*Deactivated August 18, 2022)

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Site Information

EPA AQS Number N/A
State Louisiana
Parish Orleans
City New Orleans
Address 597 Pleasant Street
Latitude & Longitude

Lat: 29.919200

Long: -90.084594

Date Sampling Began  July 20, 2021
Date Sampling Ended August 18, 2022
 MSA Represented New Orleans

Station Type and Parameters Monitored

Pollutant Measured Station Type Sampling Method Operating Schedule
SO2 SPMS U. V. Fluorescence Continuous


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons


Polyurethane Foam- PUF/XAD -2 Resin

Gas Chromatograpy/Mass Spectrometry 

 Every 3 days 
PM2.5 SPMS Continuous BAM Continuous
H2S SPMS U.V. Fluorescence Continuous
VOC SPMS  Trigger Canisters 24 hours every 6th day, 25 minutes when triggered