Proposed RECAP Revisions

The draft proposed revision to the RECAP is posted below for informal review by interested parties prior to initiation of the official regulatory process. 

Please note that this posting of the draft revision is NOT part of the official rulemaking process.  The official rulemaking process is expected to be initiated in the fall of 2018.  During the rulemaking process, there will be a public comment period and a public hearing for the submittal of formal comments to the Department. 

It is important to note that NO portion of the draft proposed RECAP revision can be used to evaluate or support current site management decisions (including the proposed screening standards and MO-1 standards).  The current, promulgated version of the RECAP regulation, RECAP 2003, must be used.

The proposed revisions are divided into two zip files: The first is the Text, Figures, and Tables; and the second are Appendices A-G.

Click on links below:

Text, Figures and Tables

Appendices A-G