Greeting Cards to Gift Boxes


Have a lot of greeting cards and nothing good to do with them? Here is a great way to convert greeting cards into small gift boxes and give them second life. The boxes from this project also make outstanding tree decorations for the holidays. Gather up your old cards and start folding.
  1. Pick a card. A card with a generous border or margin will work well.


  2. Separate front of card from back (along the center fold).


  3. Place card-front face down and card-back on top with greeting side up.


  4. Measure and lightly mark fold lines that correspond with border. ¾" or more is recommended for best results.


  5. Fold edges on all four sides, keeping the two halves together, and clip as shown in diagram.


  6. Separate two portions or halves of card.


  7. On back half of card, fold ends up along fold lines with flaps folded inside. Keep the folds straight and make sharp creases for a neater looking box.


  8. Fold sides up along fold lines and secure corners with tape or glue.


  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for front of card. Use bottom/back half as a form to fold top around-this ensures a better fit.


  10. Front half of card becomes top of box and bottom half becomes bottom of box as you fit and slide the two halves together.


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