Mission and Vision

The mission of the DEQ's Small Business/Small Community Assistance Program (SB/SCAP) is to provide environmental regulatory assistance and information to small businesses and small communities.

The vision of the SB/SCAP is to make environmental compliance and pollution prevention assistance and information available to every small business and small community in Louisiana that can benefit from it.

The SB/SCAP is dedicated to:

  • Assisting in understanding complex federal and state regulations in all environmental media, and providing advice on how to comply with them;
  • Assisting in understanding the rights and obligations of small businesses with respect to regulations;
  • Identifying emission sources and pollutants;
  • Estimating emissions at each source for inventory questionnaires;
  • Preparing environmental permit applications and exemptions;
  • Developing pollution and prevention plans;
  • Assisting newly permitted facilities in understanding their responsibilities;
  • Assisting small communities and municipalities in resolving environmental issues, and
  • Providing support and resources to LDEQ's Community Industry Relations Group.

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